Certificate Attestation for UAE


UAE attestation services – Get all your documents attested timely!

UAE Attestation Services play an important role in granting of visa. The government of United Arab Emirates needs all personal and educational certificates, academic or professional, issued from India to be attested by the Indian Consulate or Embassy in UAE for attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE government before granting visa for UAE. Educational documents attestation for

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Certificate Attestation – A Must before Flying Abroad

Attestation of documents is an extremely important part of turning your dream into reality of flying abroad. There is no denying the fact that an increasing number of people want to shift their base to abroad for better standard of living and career opportunities. Getting a job abroad is relatively easy now than what the scenario has been a few

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Certificate Attestation for Dubai, Abudabi, Sharjah UAE Embassy

When you are travelling abroad authentication of documents is the most crucial part. Exclusively it proves the genuineness with a written/ verbal pledge. Dubai, Abudabi, Sharjah, UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation would be needed in various educational documents and non educational documents such as, Wedding/ Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate, matriculation certificate, intermediate certificate, PG Certificate, Degree certificate, experience certificate and many

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How to Understand Certificate Attestation?

When you are planning to visit UAE for any purpose the initial step need to be taken is the document attestation. UAE is not the member of Hague convention that’s the reason attestation is mandatory on all your educational and non educational documents. Source:http://www.talentattestation.com/news-updates/how-to-understand-certificate-attestation.html


Attestation the Power of Authenticity to Your Certificates

Process of Attestation for UAE UAE Certificate Attestation is a process takes place when a person planning to visit UAE for any reason. Attestation is an act of authorizing one’s documents by the legal authorities/ departments of the country. In which legal entities need to sign and sealed the documents which proves the authenticity of the documents. The attestation process

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Degree Attestation from UAE Embassy, New Delhi-India

There are several processes, a person need to follow when he/ she plans to go abroad for any purpose. The foremost thing people need to do is to verify their documents by the legal authorities of the country. For this, people need to get all their documents (educational documents/ personal documents/ official documents) attested by the concern authorities which proves

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Procedure for certificate attestation for UAE

UAE is the only country where there are lots of opportunities available, if we we gets 100 documents in a day in that around 80 documents will be for UAE Attestation. For UAE the the procedures for Education and non Education Documents are as follows. PFB the two different process for Education. Process Number 1 Attestation of Home Department Mumbai (

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