Qatar Embassy Attestation

Changes in attestation policy of Qatar Embassy

Since Jun 2016, Qatar Embassy has become very specific that it will not attest any Open University, private university and distance education certificates.

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1) Format of Verification/ Bonafide/ Genuine Letter For Certificate Attestation for Qatar

Even for other universities, they need genuinely letter/ Bonafide/ Verification either from college or university stating that such and such an individual has completed such a course on regular basis. It further has to state the registration and enrolment. This certificate of a person hence is found to be genuine according to the record of college or university.

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2)Qatar Attestation Procedure

Certificate attention from HRD, MEA attestation. The Qatar Government needs all personal as well as education certificates, academic or professional certificates, issued from India to be attested by the Indian Consulate or Embassy for further attestation by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Qatar Government before granting Visa for Qatar.

3) The Functions of Notary in Certificate Attestation for Qatar

You are required to get certificates attested for Qatar for formal purpose. It will start with attestation from notary. After certificates are attested from notary, you are required to submit them to the home department attestation. This certificate will state that certificates are true to get attested from Home Department.

4) The Functions of Home Department in Certificate Attestation Procedure for Qatar

Initially, you have to get documents attested from Home Department before submitting documents to Ministry of External Affairs. Home department authenticates certificate after verifying its content. Authentication of certificate is the real representation of the authenticity of that specific certificate; all other formalities stand similar for certificate attestation for Qatar.
The HRD that is State Human Resource Department attests all certificates and documents issued by Govt. Technical Board, Govt. School, Paramedical and Medical Institution, university as well as others. Once the process of attestation is completed, the certificates and documents are preceded to the Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy Attestation. Further, you can also do with the Mantralya attestation to get MEA attestation.

5) MEA attestation for Qatar

MEA attestation is done under the Ministry of External Affairs Government of India. all certificates are to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs in any Indian state before submitting them to Qatar Embassy. Home department attestation or education department attestation should be done for MEA attestation. MEA attests all non-education as well as educational certificates and commercial certificates.

6) Qatar Embassy Attestation

Once all documents and certificates are attested from MEA, you are required to submit these certificates to Qatar Embassy for attestation. Qatar Embassy will attest all non-educational, educational and commercial certificates if certificates are already attested by Ministry of External Affairs.

7) SDM Attestation

Next, you are required to get all your certificates attested from SDM. The office of the Sub Divisional Magistrate is situated in the national capital, Delhi. After certificate attestation is done from SDM, you can submit certificates and documents for MEA attestation followed by Embassy attestation.

8) Following are the Qatar Embassy certificate attestation that we undertake

i) Educational attestation of certificates

  • Professional degree certificate attestation
  • Degree certificate attestation
  • Educational certificate attention
  • Hotel management certificate attestation
  • PG degree certificate attestation
  • UG degree certificate attestation
  • Diploma degree certificate attestation
  • Engineering degree certificate attestation
  • Management degree certificate attestation
  • PhD degree certificate attestation
  • Law degree certificate attestation
  • Medical degree certificate attestation
  • Technical degree certificate attestation
  • Master Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • Diploma Certificate  Attestation
  • Higher Secondary Certificate  Attestation
  • Secondary Level Certificate  Attestation
  • Training Certificate  Attestation
  • CBSE Certificate  Attestation
  • VHSE Certificate  Attestation
  • AMIE Certificate  Attestation
  • National Trade Certificate  Attestation
  • PHD Certificate  Attestation
  • Private Certificate  Attestation
  • MBBS Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • ME Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • MS/MD Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • Engineering Certificate  Attestation
  • Passing Certificate  Attestation
  • Provisional Certificate  Attestation
  • Online Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • Distance Education Certificate  Attestation
  • Management Degree Certificate  Attestation
  • Provisional Degree Certificate  Attestation

ii) Non educational certificate attestation

  • Medical Certificate Attestation
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Foreign Affairs (FA) Attestation/Legalization
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Salary Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate (TC) Attestation
  • Ministry of Justice attestation
  • Single Status Certificate Attestation
  • Labour department attestation
  • Equivalence Certificate
  • Experience/ Employment documents Attestation
  • Ministry of education department attestation
  • Chamber of commerce attestation
  • Ministry of health department attestation
  • Death Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate  Attestation
  • Birth Certificate  Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate  Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate  Attestation
  • Death Certificate  Attestation
  • Marriage Ability Certificate  Attestation
  • Experience Certificate  Attestation
  • Passport  Attestation
  • Pan Card  Attestation
  • Ship Book  Attestation
  • Registration Certificate  Attestation
  • Reference Letter  Attestation
  • NOC Affidavit  Attestation
  • Medical Certificate  Attestation
  • Police Clearance Certificate  Attestation
  • Finger Print  Attestation
  • Affidavit  Attestation
  • Copy of Passport  Attestation

iii) Commercial Document Attestation

  • Invoice  Attestation
  • Certificate of Origin  Attestation
  • Packing List  Attestation
  • Agreement  Attestation
  • Memorandum of Association  Attestation
  • Articles of Association  Attestation
  • Certificate of Incorporation  Attestation
  • Certificate of Registration  Attestation
  • Power of Attorney  Attestation
  • Director List  Attestation
  • Board of Resolution  Attestation
  • Free Sale Certificate  Attestation
  • GMP Certificate  Attestation
  • Income Tax Return  Attestation
  • License  Attestation
  • Joint Venture Agreement  Attestation
  • Others commercial document  Attestation
  • Stockholders Agreement  Attestation

iv) Other Document Attestation

  • Leaving Certificate  Attestation
  • Bona-fide Certificate  Attestation
  • Good Standing Certificate  Attestation
  • Health Certificate  Attestation
  • House Surgeon Certificate  Attestation
  • Member ship Certificate  Attestation
  • Migration Certificate  Attestation
  • Translated Certificate  Attestation
  • Mark Sheets  Attestation
  • Transcripts  Attestation
  • Thesis  Attestation
  • Syllabus  Attestation
  • Internship  Attestation
  • Election Card  Attestation

We understand your concern for documents; hence we make sure that your documents are safe with us. When it comes to certificate attestation for Qatar, you count on us and experience services beyond satisfaction.

We provides Certificate attestation for Qatar Embassy  in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh.

9) Documents required

  • Original certificate
  • Mark sheet original
  • Verification Letter (Either from College | University)
  • Passport copy

10) Embassy Charges/Fees

This process will take will take 12 to 15 working days and the fees/charges will be ₹12,000 INR  certificate/documents (bonafied,degree,marksheet).

This process will take will take 12 to 15 working days and the fees/charges will be ₹4,500 INR per certificate/documents.

*This can vary according to the currency exchange value

11) MOFA

We also do Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar MOFA of Qatar)
After Attesting from country from which the documents are issued it has to be attested from MOFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Country where you are going for employment.

*Additional charge can apply for MOFA and takes minimum 8 working days for MOFA attestation from Qatar

12) Address: Embassy Of Qatar

Address: EP-31A, Chandargupt Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India
Phone:011 2611 8787

13) The Consulate General Of State Of Qatar

Address: Ground Floor, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai,Maharashtra 400021, India