There are several processes, a person need to follow when he/ she plans to go abroad for any purpose. The foremost thing people need to do is to verify their documents by the legal authorities of the country. For this, people need to get all their documents (educational documents/ personal documents/ official documents) attested by the concern authorities which proves the authenticity of a person.

UAE Embassy Attestation from Delhi

Certificate Attestation of UAE

As UAE is not the member of Hague convention, they require the attestation on the original documents. The attestation on the documents confirmed that the person carrying such documents is a genuine person. The documents he/ she are carrying is duly signed and stamped by the government authorities of the issuing country.

There are many foreign countries like USA, Oman, UAE and many others have made it clear that in few cases like for few job opportunities, this kind of document attestation is essential for people who applied for such jobs. These jobs can be related to medical line or engineering etc. Some of the renowned companies insist for certification of a candidate. If you don’t get your documents attested you might lose the chance to find a good opportunity in abroad.