Employee Background Screening

Employee Background Screening India

Talent over the years has helped several leading corporate as well as individuals for Legalizing their documents from Ministry of External Affairs and Embassies now helps the corporate to reduce the risk of hiring employee with dubious background. The employee background reports provided by Talent are used by employers as a means of authenticating and objectively evaluating an individual’s identity, litigation status, educational qualification,

Benefits of Employee Background Check

Primary employment background verification and of conducting background verification through out individuals’ employment tenure cannot be turned a blind eye. Dangers of Credential Verification employees with fudged education certificates, tampered salary slips are self-evident. Dangers increase exponentially when risks are also about on-boarding employees who indulge in abuse or have a criminal history, or fall in bad books of colleagues and managements.

Analyzing the data for the year 2013-14, discrepancies surfacing from employment verification account to 19.47%, thus, making it clear that employment history is one aspect where job candidates commonly fabricate information. In terms of contribution to overall discrepancy in 2013-14, employment discrepancy is followed by reference discrepancy (10.26%), address verification (8.02%) and education verification (1.93%). (Check-out latest Employee Background check Trends- Industry wise)

Employee Background Verification

Services Provided

  • Address Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Indian Regulatory Authorities Database Check
  • Indian Criminal Record Verification
  • Resume Screening
  • Reference Check

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