GAD HRD Attestation – Know its importance

Do you know the significance of HRD attestation procedure? it is the procedure of authentication of educational documents. Irrespective of which state you are living, HRD authentication center is easily available.  If the educational certificates and documents needs to get attested from ministry of external affairs then you have to first get them authenticated from the respective state HRD department where college, university, board or council is located and from the document or certificate has been issued.

There are departments for GAD HRD attestation in Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kohima, Jharkhand, Mangalore, Punjab, Hyderabad, Shilling, Kolkata or Chhattisgarh.

In case of personal certificates or document attestation from the ministry of external affairs, you have to get them attested from the respective GAC or Home Department, from where the same have been issued. Human Resources Development Department Attestation of documents and certificates issued from India is possible for all the certificates issued under MHRD.

It is important to know that MHRD and HRD attestation can be completed from the national capital, Delhi only. Authentication Department of HRD functions under Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of India. You need to get HRD attestation in Mumbai, Guwahati, Madhya Pradesh or any other state if you want to settle or fetch a job abroad.

Due to time constraints and lack of detailed information on HRD attestation in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, UP, Chennai or Hyderabad, you find the entire procedure challenging, then hire professional attestation, apostille agents who would help you in completing the procedure. Professional assistance is the most comfortable and easiest way to complete attestation of documents and certificates.


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