UAE attestation services – Get all your documents attested timely!

UAE Attestation Services play an important role in granting of visa. The government of United Arab Emirates needs all personal and educational certificates, academic or professional, issued from India to be attested by the Indian Consulate or Embassy in UAE for attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE government before granting visa for UAE.

Educational documents attestation for UAE

As mentioned above, educational certificates have to be pre-authenticated from HRD. Usually, HRD attestation is carried out by respective states. After attestation from HRD, the embassy attestation is performed.

Personal document attestation for UAE

All non/personal educational certificates are required to be first pre-authenticated from the concerned home department. Once HRD attestation is done, the required Embassy attestation is done.

UAE consulate/embassy attestation

When an individual from India gets a job abroad, he has to get the certificates and documents attested by the country’s consulate or embassy in India. Owing to the fact that several Indians are working in GCC nations – UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, it is necessary for them to get their documents attested in corresponding consulate or embassy in Mumbai or Delhi.

If you are thinking how to get UAE embassy attestation in Delhi, Bangalore, India then all you need to do is look for professional agents who are aware of the UAE document attestation procedure. You need to get a visa for UAE for employment visa, family residence visa, higher education and admission in school in UAE.

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